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203-821-680 Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Meat and Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

203-821-685 Determination of Carbon and Nitrogen in Coal and Coke

203-821-684 Determination of Carbon and Nitrogen in Carbon Black and Graphite

209-200-172 Dual-Detection of Plastics-Derived Pyrolysis Oil

Data from a single injection of plastics-derived pyrolysis oil using GCxGC with reverse fill-flush modulator and flow splitter is explored.

209-200-173 Reformulation of Perfume Samples with GCxGC-TOFMS/FID

Chromatograms of perfume sample obtained with use of reverse fill-flush modulator and flow splitter are analyzed

209-200-175 Simple Group-type Analyses of Aviation Fuels

Flow modulation provides high accuracy group-type analyses for traditional fuels and emerging alternatives.

209-200-174 GCxGC Coelution Data Detection with RFF Modulator

Data demonstrating how Paradigm reverse-fill flush modulator and Shift flow splitter enhance GCxGC detection accuracy in fragrance samples.

203-821-667 Aroma Compounds Pumpernickel Bread

Aroma Compounds Pumpernickel Bread

203-821-655 Analysis of Heavy Fuel Oil using Multi-Mode Ionization

Heavy Fuel Oil Multi-Mode Source MMS GCxGC-HRT4D

203-821-662 A Comprehensive GC-TOFMS Metabolomics Workflow

Early Type 2 Diabetes prediction can be facilitated by the implementation of a metabolomics method for the identification of T2DM biomarkers. A complete automated derivatization workflow is explored.

203-821-494 Sulfur in Coal and Coke using S832

203-821-650 Polychlorinated Paraffins PCP GC-HRT4D

203-821-606 Petroleum Forensics: Identifying Biomarkers in Crude Oil

203-821-488 Oxygen in Lead and Lead Alloys using TC600

203-821-658 Nitrogen and Protein in Milk and Milk Products using FP928

203-821-630 Multi-Mode Source MMS

The Multi-Mode Ion Source provides a single solution for Electron Ionization, Positive Chemical Ionization, and Electron Capture Negative Ionization.

203-821-656 Nitrogen and Protein Feeds Grains Pet Food using FP928

203-821-663 Hydrogen in Steel and Iron using H836EN

203-821-596 GDS900 High-Speed and Cold-Working Steel

203-821-589 GDS900 Steel Immersion Sampling Probe