Food, Flavor, and Aroma eBook with Separation Science

Red and White WinesFew things in the world bring people together like food. Flavor and aroma are often central pillars of a good time. Whether developing a meat substitute or characterizing the subtle intricacies of liquor, the study of food, flavor, and aromas is critical to so many industries that touch everyone around the world.

Humans have highly sophisticated scent and flavor senses. They might not always understand why, but they can tell when something is off based on scent or taste alone. That makes quality control critical in food industries. From the development of new flavors to the monitoring of established processes, being able to detect and identify off-odors and anomalies before they get out of control is essential.

Chromatograms of Wine OxidationLECO’s laboratories bring together cutting-edge technology and industry-revolutionizing software to develop full solutions to your flavor and aroma challenges. No matrix is too complex for the deconvoluting power of GCxGC-TOFMS, while intelligent statistical software like ChromaTOF® Tile and Sync highlight significant similarities and differences between your data sets, cutting out busy work to save you time and resources.

Separation Science and LECO partnered together to create a collection of the latest application notes and webinars about our food, flavor, and aroma advancements. Download the eBook today to learn how you can do more than just run your samples: you can fly.

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