Protein determination for liquid and solid samples with LECO after the principle of Dumas can be very easy and convenient. Společnost LECO má perfektní řešení, které nabízí produktová řada 828 a 928. By integrating state-of-the-art hardware with intuitive, operator-focused software, the LECO 828 and 928 SERIES of instruments are able to analyse a wide variety of sample matrices. All of the advantages of prior LECO models have been optimized, giving your lab the highest reliability, throughput, and ease of use.

With short analysis times as fast as 2.8 minutes for some models, the 828 and 928 series are the perfect solutions for your analytical tasks. Whether your samples are macro or micro, needing a horizontal furnace or a vertical one, these instruments have a solution for you.


Prohlédněte si naše portfolio produktů pro analýzu tekutých vzorků:

Řada 928 Makro analyzátor
Analýza uhlíku/dusíku/síry a dusíku/bílkovin spalovací metodou

Řada 828
Analýza uhlíku/vodíku/dusíku/bílkovin


Řada 828 | Řada 928


Easy Sample Preparation

Which option ever you choose, sample introduction is always the same. Stačí je vhodit do spalovací lodičky (928) nebo cínové kapsle (828). Nic není nutné izolovat nebo používat speciální prostředky či sušící chemikálie.

LECO lodičky na vzorek | Spalování niklu | Keramická spalovací lodička s niklovou vložkou | Keramické spalování


Protein Analysis Library & Publications

Learn more about our solutions for protein analysis with our Application Notes and videos.

On-demand video

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Kjeldahl Vs. Dumas Webinar
Our latest online presentation on protein analysis is now available as an on-demand session. You can easily request the video of the webinar by clicking here.


Blog Post | Protein-Rich Pet Food

Novel protein approaches, such as carp liver or insect larva, are received more easily by animals, but it's still important to understand how these different sources affect the dietary values of pet food. One efficient way to analyse protein is with a nitrogen/protein determinator like LECO's FP828.
Read the Blog Post related to protein analysis and download the latest App Note which compares pet food and feed samples run on the FP828 using both helium and argon carrier gases.

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Pet food and feed, Protein analysis


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