TGM800Thermogravimetric Moisture Determinator

The TGM800 provides a high precision, automated solution for moisture determination by replacing the slow, laborous, traditional loss-on-drying technique with an automated primary method. A number of time-saving features have been incorporated into this design, such as the ability to automatically measure up to 16 samples at a time with optional drying time end point recognition, and intuitive touch-screen software with flexible method settings.

The TGM800 is applicable to a wide variety of sample matrices including food, feeds, milled products, and agricultural materials, making it a versatile solution for many laboratories.

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  • Automated loss-on-drying moisture analysis of up to:
    • 16 samples using 1.5-inch diameter aluminum foil crucibles
    • 10 samples using 2.4-inch diameter aluminum foil crucibles
  • Maximized throughput with rapid ramping of the oven temperature and fast cooling post analysis
  • Optimized drying time with automatic end point recognition based upon sample mass constancy
  • Limited sample interaction requirements for reduced operator handling time
  • Integrated 10.1-inch (diagonal) color LCD touch-screen with Cornerstone software reduces instrument footprint, and promotes an ergonomic and efficient workflow

Theory of Operation

The TGM800 is a thermogravimetric analyzer designed to directly determine moisture content of materials using a loss-on-drying technique. Mass loss of the sample is measured as a function of the oven temperature while controlling the atmosphere and ventilation rate. The instrument consists of a computer, an integrated four place balance, and a multiple sample oven that allows up to 16 samples to be analyzed simultaneously.

After an analysis method has been selected, empty aluminum foil crucibles are loaded into the oven carousel. The analysis method controls the carousel, oven, atmosphere ventilation, and balance operation. On completion of crucible tare, each crucible is presented to the operator for sample loading. The initial sample mass is measured and stored automatically. Once all the samples have been loaded, the analysis starts with the oven temperature ramping to the set point, the beginning of ventilation, and the sequential collection of the individual sample masses.

Crucibles are automatically indexed to the position above and lowered onto the balance pedestal where the sample mass is recorded. The mass loss of each sample is monitored, and the oven temperature and atmosphere ventilation rate is controlled according to the selected analysis method. Method analysis length can be programed to a fixed time or be dependent on the sample mass constancy. The moisture result is calculated as a percent mass loss for each sample and reported at the end of the analysis.

The instrument contains an intuitive touchscreen interface that enables complete access to analysis control, method settings, diagnostics, sample reporting, and more in a highly organized and immersive environment. Analysis methods can be tailored to satisfy most moisture applications with editable oven temperature, temperature ramp rate, atmosphere, and ventilation rate. The software also provides on-screen plotting of sample mass loss and temperature, as well as storing and managing all of the data and quantitative calculations.

The TGM800 maximizes lab efficiency, productivity, and analytical performance with a sample batch capacity up to 16 samples with sequential sample mass measurements occurring

TGM800 Thermogravimetric Moisture Determinator
  • TGM800
    • Thermogravimetric Moisture Determinator
  • Cornerstone Mobile
  • SmartLine Remote Diagnostics
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