LECO Optical Service Terms and Conditions

Optical Service terms and conditions are applicable to the United States only.

  1. A signed Estimate, with proper payment information (PO or credit card), must be returned to LECO prior to service being scheduled.
  2. Overtime rates are charged at the rate of 1.5X the regular hourly rate. Overtime rates are charged when the customer requests the service representative to stay on the job beyond 10 hours (combined labor and travel time), or through a weekend. LECO service representatives will occasionally work evenings if this is advantageous to their week’s schedule. In this case, the customer is not held accountable for overtime charges.
  3. Recall service calls will be charged for additional labor, parts, and expenses. Travel time to and from the recall location will not be charged. To be considered a recall, LECO must receive notification of the recurring problem within a 72 hour period.
  4. Upon completion of the service call, each customer will receive the customer copy of the service report for their records. Terms for all service is net 30 days. Final invoicing for the service call will be mailed from the LECO office in St. Joseph, Michigan. An additional fee will be assessed for any documentation requested, such as airline, car rental and/or hotel receipts after customer has been invoices. Please contact optical service for additional information.
    In many cases, the service representative is unable to complete the expense portion of the service report due to LECO’s expense sharing plan. If final billing must be submitted at the completion of the service call, the LECO service representative will charge expenses as a round trip service call from the LECO office.
  5. Travel times and expenses are from the service technician’s base and return. Parts, as required, will be billed at current list price.
  6. When returning items to LECO Corporation in St. Joseph, Michigan, for repair, the Service Department must be notified so that a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number may be issued to insure proper handling of returned merchandise.
  7. All shipments to LECO must be prepaid. Collect shipment will be returned to the customer.
  8. Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  9. LECO’s policy prohibits furnishing of, or access to information, to those outside of LECO Corporation – including payroll, personnel, cost, sales, or other company confidential information.
  10. Site specific entry requirements will be billed as an additional cost (if necessary).


  1. Uncertainties are reported for all accredited calibrations. Results will be reported without factoring in the effect of uncertainty on the assessment of compliance.
  2. Rockwell-type testers will be calibrated per ASTM 18 (most current version) on HRC, HRBW, HR30TW, and HR30N scales as one standard calibration. Customers who do not provide or obtain indenters meeting the requirements of ASTM E 18-08 or later will have non-accredited certificates issued indicating compliance with ASTM E 18-05. Customers using steel ball indenters need to provide the proper indenters and test blocks for those scales. A non-accredited certificate of calibration will be issued.
  3. Knoop and Vickers hardness testers (loads <= 1 Kgf) will be calibrated at 200 gm and 500 gm; Macro hardness testers (loads > 1 Kgf -<=50 Kgf) at 5 Kg and 10 Kg; Dual range testers (loads .3 Kg – 30 Kg) at 500 gm and 10 Kg, as one standard calibration. One additional scale can be done at no additional charge. Calibrations will comply with ASTM E 92 (most current version). Additional loads and indenters may be calibrated, when specified by the customer in writing, at additional cost.
  4. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the indenters used for verification comply with the ASTM certification requirements.
  5. Light microscopes/metallographs may be calibrated per ASTM E 1951 (most current version) when specified by the customer. Calibrations can include reticles and Image Analysis or Video measurement systems as applicable.
  6. A fee will be charged for each calibration certificate if required. Please refer to the itemized estimate for the individual cost. Verification data may be hand-written on the Service Report for customers who do not require certificates. Accredited certificates comply with, and contain, all information required by ISO 17025 and the applicable ASTM standards. Customer specific items added to certificates may be subject to additional charges.