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203-821-488 Oxygen in Lead and Lead Alloys using TC600

203-821-663 Hydrogen in Steel and Iron using H836EN

203-821-665 Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen in Biomass using CHN828

203-821-629 Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen in Coke using CHN828

203-821-616 Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen in Coal using CHN828

203-821-442 Carbon Nitrogen in Soil and Plant Tissue using CN628

203-821-657 Hydrogen Reactive-Refractory Metals using H836EN

203-821-456 Hydrogen Reactive-Refractory Metals using H836

203-821-532 Nitrogen and Protein in Whey Products using FP628

203-821-485 Nitrogen and Protein in Grains, Feeds, Pet Food using FP628

203-821-646 Oxygen and Nitrogen in Ferroalloys using ON836

203-821-654 Citrus Essential Oil Hydrogen Carrier Gas Fast GC

203-821-652 Oxygen and Nitrogen in Ferroalloys using ON736

203-821-651 GC-TOFMS Analysis of Tea Tree Essential Oils with Hydrogen as Carrier Gas

Essential oils and/or their components are well-known for their aromatic properties and are commonly used in many applications e.g., perfumery, food and agricultural, as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

203-821-647 Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen in Hydrocarbons using CHN828

203-821-276 Oxygen and Hydrogen in Copper and Copper Alloys using TCH600-ROH600

203-821-265 Oxygen and Hydrogen in Steel and Iron using TCH600

203-821-267 Oxygen and Hydrogen in Refractory Metals using TCH600

203-821-184 Ultra-Low Nitrogen and Oxygen in Iron, Steel, Nickel-Base, and Cobalt Base Alloys using TC600

203-821-370 Oxygen and Nitrogen in Nitrides using TC600-TCH600