Novinky společnosti LECO v oblasti kvalitativní analýzy, separačních technologií a metalografie

Microplastics: Seeing the Details with GC×GC
Microplastics are a ubiquitous presence in the world, found from Arctic snow to Antarctic ice and everywhere in between. There are trillions of microplastic particles floating on surface water, and everyone from infants to adults are presumed to be ingesting anywhere from dozens to tens of thousands of these particles every day.
LECO řešení pro MOSH/MOAH
  Solutions forDeterminingMOSH/MOAH DeterminingMOSH/MOAHin Food Professionalsfor MOSH/MOAHin Cosmetics Professionalsfor MOSH/MOAHin Baby Milk Powder DeterminingMOSH/MOAHfor Food Safety Food Safety through MOSH/MOAH Determining NEW: Video "LECO Advanced MOSH / MOAH Analyser"   Learn more about our MOSH / MOAH activities ► Recent Events / On-Demand Presentations ► MOSH / MOAH Library & Publications ► Local Activities ► Instrument Portfolio   Whatever your sample preparation workflow requirements are, harness the power of LECO GC×GC & TOF technology to solve the complex…
Folded Flight Path®: Ten Years of High Resolution
The first Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer was proposed in 1946, and the design has been refined and iterated upon every since.With an unlimited mass range visible in each spectrum and a high spectral generation speed, the advantages of TOF mass spectrometry were immediately clear. Though the instruments improved, they did eventually hit physical limitations that restricted the resolving power. More…
The TGA: Macro and Micro
Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) first started in the early 20th century, and while the technology has advanced, the basic principles remain the same. With TGA, the rate of change of reactions in the chemical and physical properties of materials as functions of temperature or time is what is used to assess the properties of the sample materials. Most TGA these days…
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