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* Na přístrojích LECO byly od roku 1936 analyzovány miliony vzorků po celém světě. LECO analyzátory chemického složení a přístroje pro tepelnou analýzu, pro metalografii a hmotnostní spektrometrii, poskytují dlouhodobě přesné výsledky. Pomůžeme Vám nalézt vhodné zařízení pro prováděný typ analýzy a poskytneme školení, aplikační podporu a servis, který potřebujete k udržení chodu laboratoře na nejvyšší možné úrovni.

GC×GC Data Handling: ChromaTOF® Tile

9. června 2023

While time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOFMS) was first proposed in 1946, the technology simply didn't exist to allow for fast enough processing speeds to make it widely viable until 1995, when the Fast Chromatographic Detector was debuted at Pittcon. This group went on to join LECO and create the world's first commercial GC-TOFMS, the PEGASUS®, in 1997. Ever since then, technological capabilities have exploded. One-dimensional GC-TOFMS and multi-dimensional GCxGC-TOFMS are powerful and provide rich and highly informative data. If you have a number of samples to study, the volume of data produced might seem overwhelming. However, LECO's data analysis add-ons for ChromaTOF brand software, ChromaTOF Tile and ChromaTOF Sync, have once again pushed GC-TOFMS capabilities beyond what was previously feasible.

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Guaranteed Analysis: Moisture and Ash

26. května 2023

Unlike the detailed list of nutritional requirements for human food, pet food in North America must only report on four main values in their Guaranteed Analysis on the label: protein, fat, fiber, and moisture. Additional nutrients must be included if they are called out specifically on the label, but manufacturers can also voluntarily add more nutrients to provide consumers with more information or further demonstrate the nutritional value of their products. One voluntary "nutrient" that shows up with surprising frequency in these lists is actually "Ash". But ash in the analysis doesn't actually mean ash is in the food. Rather, it explains the process by which mineral content is determined.

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Plant-Based Protein for the People

22. května 2023

While plant-based proteins have been part of humanity's diet for centuries, it wasn't until the advent of the original textured vegetable protein (TVP) in the 1960s that it started becoming a viable replacement for animal-based protein sources in more mainstream diets. The first commercially available plant-based proteins would not be mistaken for animal-based protein sources and were largely of interest only to vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians. 

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Special Series: GC-MS with The Analytical Scientist

22. května 2023

The world of GC-MS applications is constantly expanding, growing into novel applications and improving classical uses. To celebrate the advancements of this powerful technology, LECO and The Analytical Scientist created an eBook that takes a look at some of the emerging uses of GC-MS. From measuring volcanic emissions to predict eruptions to developing the ultimate untargeted technique with GCxGC-MS, these articles explore a variety of topics.

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