Metallographer places sample into AMH55

AMH55Software for Automated Hardness Testing

Maximize your productivity and easily measure impressions on various surface conditions for a wide number of applications with LECO’s new AMH55. The AMH55 introduces LECO’s innovative Cornerstone brand software to our hardness testing platforms, for increased usability, simplified reporting, and streamlined analysis times. Supporting accurate and efficient microindentation and Macro/Vickers hardness testing in fully automatic, semi-automatic, and lite configurations, the AMH55 is a valuable resource for users needing precise and productive hardness testing while tailoring the data and results to their needs.

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  • Advanced image-recognition technology allows analysis of information not available with limited threshold-based methods
  • Measures impressions with various surface conditions, including scratched/etched/unevenly illuminated surfaces
  • Cornerstone brand software with available touch-screen interface gives the user complete control over analysis parameters, method settings, calibrations, reporting, and more so testing can be tailored to a specific application
  • Choose the model configuration that best fits your needs:
    • AMH55 Automatic
      • Simultaneous automatic alignment and automatic parfocal tools, as well as automatic pixel calibration and shading correction
      • Optional Advanced Analysis Module for color contoured mapping
      • Customizable data reporting
      • Motorized X, Y, and Z axis movement
    • AMH55 Semi-Automatic
      • Automatically locates and analyzes indents, automatic alignment, and pixel calibration
      • Customizable data reporting
      • Motorized X and Y axis
      • Manual focus
    • AMH55 Lite
      • Automatically locates and analyzes indents within a field of view
      • Automatic pixel calibration
      • Customizable data reporting
      • Manual X, Y, and Z axis with optional digital stage micrometers to track stage movement
      • Upgradeable to AMH55 Automatic or Semi-Automatic
AMH55 Automated Hardness Testing
  • AMH55
    • with LM110 Series Microindentation
  • AMH55
    • with LM248 Series Microindentation
  • AMH55
    • with LV110/810 Series Macro Vickers
  • Stage Micrometers
  • Vibration Isolation Platform
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