LECO Analytical Applications Poster Competition

The LECO Analytical Applications Poster Competition (LA2PC) 2020-2021 recently wrapped up, showcasing 15 incredible posters highlighting the applications of LECO instruments in our users‘ work and research.

A hearty congratulations goes to our winnersKarl Hornsby, Martin J. Taylor, Vasiliki Skoulou (University of Hull); Peter Hurst (Biorenewables Development Centre – BDC), and Simon Walker (Jesmond Engineering Limited). Their poster, „Pretreating lignocellulosic biomass wastes for the next generation of solid fuels“ is a fantastic look into the search for new solid fuels.

LECO is always looking for ways to improve our users‘ experience with our products. Our instruments are designed by scientists, for scientists. There is no better feedback than the chance to learn how you are pushing the boundaries of what is known with the help of LECO technology.

From DUMAS analyzers to Total Organic Carbon analysis, you’ve broken down all the ways LECO is helping your laboratory succeed.

Runner-up posters include:

Trumac CN, a tool to evaluate the quality of fertilizers humic coating“ from Jean-Michel Romnee (CRAW, Walloon Agricultural Research Centre)

„IGA Fractional O/N/H Analyses of Powder Feedstocks for Additive Manufacturing“ from Boris Albouy, Jérémy Berot-Lartigue, Nicole Cuq, and Xinwei Wang (Eurofins EAG Laboratories)

„Development of a method to analyze Aluminum alloys powders using the gas analyzer LECO ONH836“ from Jimmy Dardinier and Agathe Deborde (MetaFensch) and Thibaut Turlan (IRT-M2P)